A letter from Tine:

The need for a damn good party!

Who needs more time being alone, thinking,
meditating, feeling… We need to be together again, to eat and drink together,
cheer and fill a room with laughter. To sit closely around the dinner table,
where the conversation is blooming over candlelight to the early

We long for closeness, having fun and celebrating
life! And when this collection enters the shop, we can do just that! Then we
will have our freedom back, and the freedom to choose what we want to do with
our precious time.

I’ve heard people say that the roaring 20’s
is coming back as the roaring 2020’s. So, we are definitely ready for a

In this collection you will find pieces that
can take you from day to night. From a casual day at home or the office, to
dinner with friends and a late night with the girls. Dress up for yourself,
have fun dance! With mostly sustainably made fabrics, mixed with delicate and
fun vintage inspired styles and prints, all in perfect harmony. You will find
glitter, lace, soft knitwear and comfortable cottons, and much more.

After all, a little glitter goes a long way!

Flash photography, Lip, Hand, Eyelash, Neck, Sleeve, Gesture, Finger, Cool, Waist
One-piece garment, Flash photography, Street fashion, Shoulder, Sleeve, Waist
Hair, Face, Joint, Skin, Head, Lip, Chin, Outerwear, Shoulder, Eyebrow
Flash photography, Fashion design, Sleeve, Flooring, Waist
One-piece garment, Street fashion, Face, Sleeve, Dress, Waist, Flooring
Flash photography, Hair, Joint, Head, Lip, Shoulder, Eye, Organ, Neck, Sleeve

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