How to take care of your favorite pieces and delicates

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Ever since byTiMo’s beginning, sustainability has been at the core of the brand. It’s been a natural part of our business, and an important aspect of every decision made. All our fabrics are certified and made sustainably. We want your garments to last for years, but for them to do so, they have to be cared for with love and respect.

Wash  & Care

We advise you to always check the care instructions on the inside of the cotton  garment.

Machine Wash:

For our cottons, that are all made organically either under the GOTS or BCI sustanability standards , we recommend machine wash on 30 or 40 degrees celcius, depending on the particular garment.

Drying. Leave it out to dry either on a hanger, or on a drying rod. And then iron or steam the garment to make the wrinkles go away.

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