Spring Summer 2022

We’re all daydreaming of warmer and brighter days, explore our Spring Summer 2022 «Celebration»!

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For The Wedding Guest

Attending a summerparty or a wedding? We have the perfect dresses for festive occations. Get inspired.

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Our Little Kids Line

Made to match our Women’s Collection, in matching fabrics and prints.

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Bridesmaids Dresses

Are you looking for the perfect bridemaids dresses? Find the perfect prints that suits your big day!

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Pre Spring 2022

Introducing Pre Spring 22 - From a casual day at home, to dinner with friends or a late night with the girls.

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Street fashion, Road surface, Bicycle wheel, Shoe, Hairstyle, Dress, Tree, Sleeve, Tartan, Waist

In The Streets

Made of left over certified cotton and viscose, making sure we use all the fabric we produce.

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Brown, Wood, Rectangle, Beige

The Brand

Truthfulness, consciousness and quality are byTiMo’s guiding beacons. These values can be found within every part, from the factories to the fabrics we use and create.

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Street fashion, Public space, Selling, Textile, Customer, Shopping, Market

The Vintage Archive

Tine has a vintage archive in house with over a thousand old pieces, giving inspiration to every collection, from the 1800s to the late 1970s.

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Automotive design, Building, Table, Floor, Retail

Social Compliance & Sustainability

For us it is important to respect the people involved in the supply chain, and to have the health of mother earth in mind when we produce and create new collections.

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Outerwear, Textile, Sleeve, Grey

Cotton - Wash & Care

We want your garments to last for years, but for them to do so, they have to be cared for with love and respect.

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Lingerie top, Neck, Textile, Orange, Waist, Chest

Viscose - Wash & Care  

Delicate fabrics such as viscose and silk has to be handled delicately, with love and respect.

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Lip, Outerwear, Hand, Arm, Shoulder, Neck, Sleeve, Waist, Thigh, Gesture

Wool - Wash & Care

Treat your garments with love and care and they will stay with you for years.

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Fashion design, Mouth, Comfort, Textile, Sleeve, Eyelash

Equality Check

Giving back - and helping when we can.

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Interior design, Food, Window, Table, Rectangle

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