Spring Summer 2022 Collection


A letter from Tine:

Lets celebrate life!

We have all dreamed and longed to getting our lives back; back to normality, back to seeing each other, back to celebrating together. And in the spring and summer of 2022 we will! We will celebrate everything we have been longing to celebrate!

Which is why this collection is a tribute to just that. Dressing up, being playful, daring to be sexy, daring to dress up!

You will find a lot of gowns, dresses and pieces made to live on the dancefloor and on occasions! But the collection is still multi-use, you can use the items in many different ways, and you can dress them up and down, depending on your mood and on the occasion. After all, multi-use, is sustainable too.

With sustainably made fabrics, mixed with delicate and fun vintage inspired styles and prints, all in perfect harmony. You will find transparent fabrics such as organza’s, chiffons, georgettes. You will find textured fabrics like plissé, crinkled fabrics and jacquards. All mixed with the classic byTiMo long lasting qualities, we love and adore.

The colour scheme is fun and light, with yellows, pistachios and bright cerise. These colours are mixed with more neutral tones, such as whites, off whites, vintage, beige, rusty tones, pinks and dark blue.

The prints are filled with drama this season, some with pastels and some with brighter tones, you will find the more classic prints as well as the more bohemian too.

Street fashion, Flash photography, Joint, Lip, Outerwear, Hairstyle, Shoulder, Sky, Neck, Sleeve
People in nature, One-piece garment, Footwear, Plant, Sky, Shoulder, Dress, Textile, Sleeve
People in nature, Flash photography, Hair, Water, Lip, Sky, Shoulder, Cloud, Neck, Sleeve

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